HIS VOICE HIS MOVEMENT THE MOVIE 2016-“I, dance for more then just mere entertainment but for my survival,”

BIRTH OF HIS VOICE HIS MOVEMENT- This coming of age story, chronologically, follows the life and time of ambitious, and courageous Chicago entertainer and grassroots starlet Crystal “CJ” Johnson who through dance uses the legacy of MJ to deem Chicago the “Mecca” of true creative expression. Sadly, when she’s suddenly murdered her friends and family try their best to carry on her legacy while solving the mystery behind her untimely death. Enter, her America…..At, your own risk.. 

                                                                           BACK STORY

Ok, I guess your wondering how this above movie was made in the first place…..Here, goes everything! Back, in 2007 I completed my first collection of poetry. I, know everyone knows that poetry won’t sell so why try it in the first place. We’ll, the concept was simple do the poetry book get a major endorsement and watch the money flow. So, the most valued aspect of all this was that in the mail I got the certification that my project had been registered down at the Library of congress! In, the meantime whatever I developed out of the collection of poetry films, products with poetry on it etc was all covered under the copyright.

So, out of the book of poetry came 3 inspirational poems centered around the state of the world seen through my eyes. 1. His Voice, His Movement 2. Talented, Young and Black 3. My Ghetto America. Although, these projects stood out  1 and 3 really made a bigger impact. So, needless to say my objective was to not only showcase the poetry but give a new spin on film that I felt was needed…..badly.

                                                                          THE LEGACY OF MJ

Let’s, face it everybody knows that the Jackson dynasty started in the Mid-west….Yes, Spike Lee has his BK Loves MJ Block Party and trust me I am not trying to knock his work at all. However, since his passing  the Mid-west has been silent. We’ve,  gone under the radiar when everyone knows that MJ didn’t just influence blocks….He, influenced nations. Although, I had the two concepts for a film the poetry, and the subject of MJ’s legacy   one more element was still missing from this creative equation……FAME!

                                                                      THE LEGACY OF FAME (TV SHOW)

Ok, at this point I just hope I didn’t loose anyone in all of this so I’ll do a recap as to the inspiration on this film project and how I came up with the idea. First, I wrote the collection of poetry, and inspired by my childhood exposure to the dance show “Vintage” Fame, and the Jackson dynasty I felt that developing a movie based on all those elements would make for a wonderful production.   The, next portion  of my blogs will show character selection and ideas…Enter, our America at your own risk…


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