HVHMCHI16.7 So, I know I have many updates to catch you guys up on! On, 10/30/15 the coolest thing happened! Janet, came to my neck of the woods for her Unbreakable tour! I, fought with ticket master and won my spot and she didn’t let me down!The craziest thing, is that my generation had Janet, then my oldest daughter who’s 16 had raven (Cheetah Girls), and now my 9 year-old has Zendaya to admire! These, women have generated such a following and yes they have tried their best to live up to all of the hype! So, me and my girls were able to go back to my childhood as we entered the arena and saw the large TV screen showcasing all of Janet’s numerous videos! I, was born in the year of big shoulder pads, loud shirts that were cuffed at the wrists, bracelets and black or multi-colored stretch pants! Our hair was flipped in the front to show the length and banana clips always helped us to spike our pony tails like our favorite artists!

The funnest thing, was that every time a song came on that the girls didn’t recognize I got the wonderful “What, song is that? or  Did, she write that song??? I, chuckled as I remember the verses and the dance moves from the videos…I, stood up most of the concert grooving the night away with my hubby. To, prove to you that I was there here’s what I observed. These, were just “hushed” ways that she incorporated some type of tribute to Mike! First, I noticed that the back up singers had the hats on that he sported on the Wiz…The, Second it was the black gym shoes she wore which had the ability to light up at the bottom so as she stepped and performed the floor under her would light up as it did for him in Billy Jean!….

This, was the first that I was able to truly share with my girls and to see their faces light up just at the sight of the lights going off in the stadium was priceless. From, my 9 year-old shoe less standing in the chair next to me screaming..To, my teen screaming to the top of her lungs in excitement to all of us reciting the words to Burn It Up! I, will never forget the day Janet came to the Mid-West! I, hadn’t seen her since the early 90’s when R/N came out! I, will never forget the one thing she said when she was doing the tour and she appeared on MTV “You, can’t just sit back and wait for your dreams to happen you have to go out and make them happen…priceless…

Please, support #HVHMCHI16 #MJ4LIFE http://www.igg.me/at/-HVHMCHI16 Deadline is 12/23/15 ACT NOW!


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