Hello, World!

Below, are the list of men who make up the dream casting for this project…I, believe that with their success in their careers they can bring life into the realm of creative expression….Let, me know what you think…Below, will be a listing of names as well as why they were chosen for the roles…Enjoy!


Larenz Tate-Brandon-Everyone, has seen the success of Mr. Tate from his days on the big and small screens. Over, the years he’s dominated roles from playing a bad guy in Menace To Society to his heartfelt tribute to Frankie Lymon in Why do fools fall in love. But, the role he played in the romantic comedy Love Jones spoke to the heart and soul of cinema.  His, role in this project as the love interest of the main character and him portraying himself as a knight in shinning armor who believes in faith, family and hard work will resonate with movie goers globally. 

Taye Diggs-Johnathan-We’ll, what more can I say about Mr. Diggs he has shown his range as an artistic muse. Transforming, the characters from the paper to the stage is something he is able to do with such ease. I, was impressed when he handled a series called Day Break! Plus, in the 90’s MTV did an ICON show to pay tribute to Janet. He, was the one selected to introduce her and expressed her influence on him but  the craziest thing is that they have never done a project together! The, two of them would have the coolest chemistry on screen which will make history….

Justin Timberlake-Ace-From, NSync to going solo “JT” has dominated the era of music that signifies MJ’s influence. Yet, his acting dominates the screen no matter the role. To, have him apart of this project would mean the world to those who’ve come to love his work over the years. It, would kind of erase the memory of the shortcomings that followed him and janet’s football wardrobe malfunction showing that the audience globally can be forgiving. To, bring about the dancing and acting skills combo that we’ve come to know and love would   be fun and exciting to see…

Blair Underwood-Uncle Sheldon- Fro

“This, project has legs..,” Sy Richardson

m, his time on Posse to L.A. Law he has dominated the world of cinema and the small screen. Yet, when I saw his performance in Woman Thou Art Loosed  7 days and his office scene(He, destroys it due to him finding out his daughter was lost) captured my attention. The, emotion and energy it took to pull off the effects of the characters issues at that time brought about a spark of professionalism that couldn’t be ignored. He, has never done  a project with Janet before and that energy on screen would be priceless… 

Doc Shaw-David Johnson-I, love his character Malic in the House of Payne episodes…He, was even allowed to show his comedy skills when it came to Pair of Kings as Boomer! Due to those two roles it sparked a challenge to see if he could represent as an Autistic child in my project. I, believe that he would be  a perfect fit….


This, cast will bring enlightenment, insight, and fun into this project to highlight the true influence MJ has on Cinema…Through, their efforts the universal message of unity through film will dominate…